Elite Game Servers & Corporate Social Responsibility

Elite Game Servers is focused on reducing it's environmental footprint and improving our performance. We strive to deliver our services while keeping a sustainable environment, and providing a safe & healthful workplace for our employees, contractors, and communities.

We recycle paper and plastic80 plus gold power supply 92% efficientGreen energyhalogen free hardwareRoHS compliant servers The Green Web Foundation: Green Game and Voice Servers

  • We do this by using halogen free and RoHS compliant hardware where possible.
  • We use state of the art, energy efficient hardware that runs on a 92% efficient power supply; with an 80+ gold certificate or better.
  • We get advised by a professional health and safety coordinator, who checks our work space regularly to make sure its safe.

We've chosen datacenters which have an excellent network for gaming, which use sustainable energy and have a low PUE (which means they don't waste energy).

Folding @ home donating company
We donate our unused CPU cycles to [email protected] during idle hours.
These CPU cycles are used for research simulations which help scientists understand and cure diseases such as Alzheimer's, Huntington's, and many cancers.