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Version 10.1 has been released (2017. 04. 29.)
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SAPP is the most powerful extension for the Halo PC and Halo CE dedicated server, some of its features are:

  1.     Anticheat
  2.     No-Lead mode
  3.     Auto Update
  4.     Alias function
  5.     Advanced aimbot detection
  6.     Basic scripting with Lua
  7.     Remote Console protocol
  8.     Player Commands (\info, \stats, \about)
  9.     Creating new commands by combining existing ones
  10.     Using server events (join, kill, betray etc.)
  11.     Map downloading
  12.     AFK kick
  13.     Ping kick
  14.     Antiwarp
  15.     Antiglitch
  16.     Object management
  17.     Admin system without rcon, via chat
  18.     Admin levels, customizable command levels and names
  19.     Unique password for each admin, in chat & rcon also
  20.     Rcon bruteforce protection
  21.     Players can vote to skip the map
  22.     Map Vote function
  23.     IP & IP Range Banning players
  24.     Players can be banned from using the chat
  25.     Auto mute spammers
  26.     Sending private server messages
  27.     Balancing teams
  28.     Switching teams of a player
  29.     Naughty commands :P
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