Command expression

Note: Commands are accessible from the console, via rcon and chat text (place \ or / [or whatever you set with cmdstart command, see Config Commands for more info] before each command) if you have the appropriate admin rights/level, and from the init.txt (both).

Command argument options:

Command Effect


Required Argument


Optional argument

Player Expressions
Some commands have <player_expr> as an argument. While you can use a player index here, you can also target multiple players, or players with a specific name. Stock Halo commands do not support player expressions.

Command Effect


Matches player with given number (from pl command).


Matches all players.


Matches all players with Alan in name. (Case-sensitive)


Matches the player who is executing the command.


Matches all players on red team.


Matches all players on blue team.


Matches all regular players (non-admins).


Matches all admins.


Will pick a random player.


Will pick a random player from the red team.


Will pick a random player from the blue team.

kill me : kills you
k New* : kicks every player who's name starts with "New" (for ex. it will kick players "New001" and "New999" and "Newbie" etc.)
k N?b: kicks every player who's name is like "N?b" (for ex. it will kick players "Nub" and "Nab" and "N@b" etc.)
k *WTF* : kicks every player who's name contains "WTF" (for ex. it will kick players "[WTF] John" and "(WTF)Robert" and "xD WTF Bot" etc.)

Decimal and Integer Expressions
In certain commands, some commands have <decimal_expr> and <int_expr>. While you can simply set the value to whatever positive value you want (negative values require the : expression), using an expression can be useful depending on what the goal is.
<int_expr> is an integer value. Some integers may have lower upper-bound limits due to the size of the integer.
<decimal_expr> is a float value and is a decimal, meaning 0.0 to 1.0. One percent is equal to 0.01.

Expression Effect


Set a value to an exact value. This is not required for positive values but is required  for negative values.


Add a value to the current value.


Subtract a value from the current value.   

If you are intending to set a value to a negative value, use the : expression.


Multiply the current value with a value.


Divide the current value with a value.

kills me +100: will add 100 kills to me
s * :-1 will set every1's speed to -1 (try this1, nice trolling :P)
deaths 4 -20: will decrease player 4's deaths by 20
ammo New001 *1.20: will increase New001's ammo by 20%
The "original" method still works, if you don't set any operator, the value will be set to the given amount;
kills me 2000: will set my kills to 2000

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