DDoS protected Game Servers in Canada and FranceDDoS protection for your game and voice servers!

Before 2011, Distributed Denial of Service attacks (or DDoS in short) were only done by groups of hackers; but today everyone can launch their own DDoS attack with simple tools which can be found on the internet. DDoS attacks flood the network with data, meaning that they take down or lag a game server.

We’ve seen the rise in DDoS attacks and noticed that our customers are also being targeted by small and large DDoS attacks (We’ve seen attacks of over 60gbps).
Because of this we’ve invested in DDoS protected game server locations in Montreal (Canada) and Roubaix (France) to protect our customers and our services.

We have partnered with one of the largest datacenter companies worldwide, OVH to protect our game servers from both large and small DDoS attacks.

“It's not a question of knowing if you need anti-DDoS protection but rather when you will first be the victim of an attack. OVH is committed to protecting your project 24/7 against any type of DDoS attack, regardless of duration or size.”

Octave Klaba, OVH CEO

OVH provides us with affordable DDoS protection with a surplus network capacity of over 3TB/s, which can handle over 1 billion packets per second.
Their DDoS protection has been tested and proved to be working flawlessly over the last few months, without any increase in ping or downtime. Now, once an attack may happen, gamers can continue playing without any problems!

"Getting frequent DDoS attacks can be very frustrating and I almost gave up in the end, but elitegameservers.net remained patient and found me the protection I needed for a reasonable price. Now my servers are like new with lasting uptime I only remember having years ago!"

Matt Z. Elite Game Servers customer