Our History

Launched in 2012, Elite Game Servers has expanded to offer game and voice server hosting services from 10 points of presence all over the globe.

2002 - 2011
The founder of Elite Game Servers, Gijs, ran several gaming communities and gained experience with the hosting of game servers.
Eventually other communities and friends asked Gijs for his expertize in the hosting of game servers.

Elite Game Servers expanded with it's first Point of Presence abroad, in Dallas, USA.
Later this year a DDoS protected location was opened in Montreal, Canada

We expand with a new location in London, United Kingdom.
Our server in Dallas is upgraded and we moved to a new datacenter, providing lower latency for our customers.

We upgraded the SSD on our server in The Netherlands.
We upgraded our server in London.
We've opened another DDoS location, in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

To improve the quality of our services we've added redundancy for the controlpanel and implemented an extensive monitoring solution for all our servers.

Elite Game Servers was founded, with it's first hosting location in The Netherlands

Another DDoS protected location was opened, now in Roubaix, France.
We also expanded with a location in Washington D.C., USA
We moved our servers in The Netherlands to a new datacenter, which provides better latency and higher reliability.

Our server in Montreal is upgraded.
We expand with a location in Los Angeles, USA.

We've upgraded our servers in The Netherlands and Roubaix(France) with state of the art hardware.

We expand with two new DDoS protected locations, in Sydney (Australia) and Singapore. Covering the hosting needs of gamers in Oceania and Asia.

We've expanded our coverage on the east coast of the United States of America with our new location in New York.