Very low ping/latency!1# Global Low Latency Network for Game and Voice Servers

We carefully choose our datacenters partners and make sure they have the best network at each location, with low and stable ping times and reliable connectivity.
The datacenters we use have excellent connectivity with the entire world by using only the best transit and peering providers. Which means the data of your game server reaches the players using the most optimal route. This results in better ping times compared to other game server providers!

  • Full IPv6 support with native connectivity.
  • Redundant networks with high availability.
  • Multiple 10GE and 100GE transit and peering uplinks.
  • The lowest latency(pings) possible!

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Affordable game serversLow prices

We choose our hardware and datacenters very carefully and negotiate the lowest prices. This results in lower prices for our clients as well, which allows us to provide you with excellent quality game servers for an unbeatable price!

Professional and stable server hardware Top of the line Quality Hardware and Software

We only use state of the art IntelĀ© Xeon processors and server hardware from renowned brands which provides lower energy costs and stable servers that always perform well without lag. This is not only a cost reduction but it's also good for the environment!

Instant Online after payment

All of our game servers will be online within minutes after we receive your payment. This process is completely automated so your server will be delivered no matter what time or day it is.

Customizable GameServers

All of our game servers come with FTP access so you can upload your own maps, mods and plugins!
For most games it's also possible to install mods and maps from the control panel so you can quickly get started without having to upload the files to your server.

Top of the line control panel

We make use of an advanced control panel which gives you full control over your server.
We actively monitors your servers and if they crash the control panel will automatically reboot them without your intervention.

You can even make sub accounts with different access levels for your clan members and server admins, so they can reboot your server or change the maps when you are not available.

People, Planet, Profit

All policies and innovations by Elite Game Servers reflect our commitment to the environment and society at large.
For example: we only use halogen free and RoHS compliant hardware where possible to reduce our environmental footprint.
We are a carbon neutral company and only make use of sustainable energy in our office and datacenters.

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We sponsor sponsors large communities, websites, developers and top clans who do good work for the gaming community.
For example, we sponsor bandwidth for the map distribution in Halo Anti Cheat and we also sponsor the {XG} clan and popular Halo app's like SAPP and Gandanur. We actively work together with the developers to improve these server app's for the community.