Our game server control panel has a large number of features, including

  • Start / Stop Control - Stop your server if need be for installation of mods.
  • Automatic Restart - If your server crashes, it will automatically be restarted.
  • Scheduled Restart - You can schedule a restart to happen and even have it wait till the server is empty before executing the restart
  • File Editor - Edit or upload files (FTP access also provided).
  • Config Editor - Quickly Edit the game servers config in the browser without the need of downloading or uploading files.
  • Query - See the current status of your server.
  • Mod Installer - Install mods for your game with just one click!
  • Command Line Editing - Change the starting map, disable VAC and more.
  • Update Tool - Update your server when an update is released for your game without our intervention.
  • Steam Update Tool - Update your server directly from steam when an update is released without our intervention.
  • Sub Users - Create sub users who can have access to parts of your server that you choose.
  • Server Reinstall - Messed up your server? Re-install all the files to the default with ease.

Some features are game dependant and may not be available for your game. All games will have the ability to Start/Stop, Automatic Restarts, Sub Users, Server Reinstall and File Editor.

Demo Game Server Control Panel

Game Server Control panel

You can try out our Game Server Control Panel by using the below login details:
Username: demo
Password: demo

Click on Client Area and then Game Server Control Panel in the upper right corner or use this link: https://cp.elitegameservers.net