The best Global, Reliable and Low Latency network for gaming and voice servers

Low latency networkElite Game Servers knows like no other that a good network is very important for a great game experience. To keep gamers happy and on a level playing field, we ensure you that lag time isn't an issue in your game. Competitive games can only be played without having any interference, lag, packetloss or other defects. Because of this reason we hand pick the best datacentres in each region and thoroughly test their network before partnering up with them. We only make use of the most reliable networks, which are capable of handling top speed connections and contribute to the ultimate gaming experience! The best networks alongside the best hardware make for effortless, flowing, enjoyable gaming. We make use of redundancy in the network as much as possible. This means that, where possible, everything is setup double. Connections and other equipment all have identical backups. Even when something goes wrong, our customer won't notice a thing and can keep on playing. And that's what it's all about. We also have many peering connections to internet service providers around the world to make sure that traffic is being routed in the fastest possible way to ensure optimal gaming performance. In the unlikely event that we do not have a peering provider with an internet service provider, we will use high-quality Tier1 transit providers to make sure you ping times are still as low as possible.

For more information regarding our data center's in specific locations:

Flag The Netherlands Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Germany flag Frankfurt am Main, Germany

United Kingdom Flag London, United Kingdom

Canadian Flag Montreal, Canada

French Flag Roubaix, France

Australian flag Sydney, Australia

Singapore flag Singapore

United States Flag Chicago, Illinois

United States Flag Dallas, Texas

United States Flag Los Angeles, California

United States Flag Miami, Florida

United States Flag New York

United States Flag Washington D.C.

Level 3 network map

Our networks are protected by state-of-the-art equipment and software. All our datacenter partners regularly update and upgrade their routers and switches to protect the network infrastructure which allows us to provide you with the finest customer experience.