Frankfurt am Main, Germany hosting location

Our location in Frankfurt (Germany) is ideally located for European gamers in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic,Hungary, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, SwitzerlandSlovakia, Poland,  France and the United Kingdom.
This datacenter is conveniently located near the DE-CIX Internet exchange in Frankfurt am Main, thus it provides low latency and great connectivity to lots of ISP's and networks. The DE-CIX is the largest internet exchange in Europe by throughput.
We've chosen for OVH in Frankfurt, because OVH has a premium network with a capacity of over 11.0 Tbps.
OVH's network provides DDoS protection, which prevents long outages due to DDoS attacks and it has established peering with many ISP's around the globe for low latency connectivity.

  • Transit Providers: Atrato, Cogent, Deutsche Telekom, Equinix, Global Crossing, Level 3, NTT, Tata Communications, TeliaSonera, Hurricane Electric and (RETN) Real Time Network.
  • DDoS protection up to 11 Tbps!
  • Completely Redundant networks with premium quality Cisco hardware
  • Multiple Multiple 10GE and 100GE transit and peering uplinks
  • Present in the 15 largest Internet hubs in North America (Ashburn, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Montreal, Miami, New York, Newark, Palo Alto, Portland, Quebec, San Jose, Seattle and Toronto)
  • Present in the 16 largest Internet hubs in Europe (Amsterdam, Bordeaux, Brussels, Frankfurt, Kiev, London, Lyon, Lille, Madrid, Marseille, Milan, Paris, Prague, Vienna, Warsaw and Zurich)
  • Using multiple Peering points of Equinix, Telehouse and coresite with a total of over 75 POP's world wide.
  • Runs its own fibre optic network for maximum performance!
  • Full IPv6 support with native connectivity
  • Completely carbon neutral datacenter, only uses sustainable energy.