How to become an admin (superuser)

Follow this simple guide on how to use the SuperUser account in Mumble.

  1. Login to the GamePanel
  2. Navigate to your Mumble server
  3. Click 'Configuration Files > SuperUser.txt'
  4. The password set in here is used for your Mumble SuperUser account
  5. Set the password to whatever you like, you may change this anytime.
  6. After you've set a desired password (for example "mypassword1"). click 'save' and restart your Mumble server.
How to set the super user password for Mumble
Your SuperUser password has been set.
Now you're able to login to your server using the SuperUser. here's how.
  1. Open Mumble
  2. Click 'Server' > 'Connect'
  3. Select your server (If it's not already in your favorites, add it.)
  4. Right click your server and click 'Edit'
  5. Change your username to 'SuperUser' and set the password to the same password you entered into the servers SuperUser.txt
  6. Click Connect and you should now be logged in as the SuperUser.
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