Support for mods

Each client is free to install mods on their game server as long as these are not in conflict with our Acceptable Use Policy and don't cause a large increase in server resource usage (for example mods that add AI/bots to your game server are known the add extra CPU load and mods which save a lot of user statistics may increase the RAM usage above a reasonable level)
Our control panel monitors your services and will inform you if there is an extrodinary increase in RAM and CPU usage and stop the server, in this case you will be asked to uninstall the mods that cause this usage or to get in contact with our billing department so we can add extra resources for your server for a small fee.

Occasionally it happens that a mod requires .dll, .so or .exe files to be uploaded to the server, this requires you to open a suppor ticket for verification so we can make sure that these files don't contain viruses.

Please be aware that we can not garantee that all plugins/mods work and we cannot provide full support services for them (e.g. configuration troubleshooting and setup services for mods) because we can't test the enormous amount of plugins/mods which are avalible for each game.
Please contact the creator/third party from which you obtained the plugin or mod incase you need help, they may be able to provide support for their mods.
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