When do I get my invoice? Can I automatically renew my service?

As long as a server isn’t cancelled you will receive a new invoice 7 days ahead of the due date of your server, payments need to be made manually but there are a few exceptions as explained later.
Example: if you choose the length of the billing cycle to be one month and ordered the server on 1-1-2017(1st of January 2017) the next invoice will come in on 25-1-2017(25 January 2017) and needs to be paid before 1-2-2017 (1st of Februari 2017)

We will send a notification by email to inform you of the new invoice, if the invoice is unpaid 2 days before the due date you will receive a reminder to pay the invoice.
If the invoice hasn’t been paid on or before the due date your service will be suspended.
You will receive an email informing you of the suspended service and over the next few days we will sind some overdue reminders by email. If the server remains unpaid for the next few weeks it will automatically be terminated, which means it will be completely removed and can't be recovered.

Tip: To avoid service suspension/termination while you are on vacation you can use the add funds option to add money to your account. If your account balance with us is sufficient then the next invoice will automatically be paid by using the money on your account.
Tip: For your convenience it’s also possible to make automated payments when using PayPal, you can do this by setting up a PayPal subscription. You can choose this option when selecting a payment method on your next invoice.
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