Sub accounts

Creating/Modifying a Sub-Account for the Client Aarea
For our client area (billing and support tickets) you can create sub accounts.
These sub accounts can be used by other users of your services, so that they can manage the service and to contact our support department when needed.

To create a sub-account, begin by creating or locating an existing contacts record. This can be done in the client area by going to Client Area > My Details > Add New Contact or Manage Contacts.

Then to convert the contact into a sub-account, and therefore allow the contact to login, just tick the Sub-Account checkbox. Next enter a password and then tick the various options that you want to grant the sub-account permission to access.

Creating/Modifying a Sub-Account for the Game Server Contol Panel
These sub accounts can be used to allow other users to administrate your game server, e.g. to start and stop it, or to adjust the server configuration.

Login to the Game Server Control Panel (
To create a sub-account, click on the Create a sub user button under User Management.
Under the permissions tab you can set the permission per game/voice server, such as the ability to restart a server, access it's files (trough FTP) and reinstall the server


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